Teachers Training Course
Our courses are designed for a wide range of students, including those:
  • • wanting a career in teaching, straight from university
  • • planning a career change to teaching
In order to be recommended for teaching in Simin , you must successfully complete the training programme after passing the written and oral exams. If you are interested to take part in Teacher Training Course please fill out the attach forms and submit.

Teacher Training Application Form
Simin English Language Institute
Teacher Training Department
109 Felestin Jonubi St.
Keshavarz Boulevard Tehran IRAN

Name of course for which you are applying * Exam Code *

Surname (Mr Ms Miss Mrs) * Nationality *
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Education Please State where you studied and give dates
Secondary School Qualification * Other relevant qualifications *
Higher Education * Which language do you speak/read/write? Please Comment on your level of proficiency *

Do you have any initial training in teaching English as foreign language? Please give qualification organisation dates and grades. *
Do you have any formal training as teacher of other subjects? *
Do you have any experience of professional traning do you have? *
Any other information which you think may be relevant to this application? *

Please give the names, address and telephone numbers of two referees who would be prepared to give relevant support to this application. Indicate in what context they know you. *
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How did you hear about our course? *

I declare that to the best of my knowledge the personal information contained in this application from is accurate. I have read the terms and condition(listed under General Information in the section on Application Procedure) and I agree to abide by them.
Date : 19/10/2018